Dell’s Linux Ultrabook gets more pixels, European availability

February 18, 2013

We last reported on Dell’s Ubuntu-powered XPS-13 Developer Edition at the tail end of November 2012, when the laptop was released. Comments from the Ars community on the device were generally positive, though one overwhelming sentiment seemed to dominate: the XPS-13′s 1366×768 resolution was totally insufficient for the laptop’s intended audience and use case.

The complaint has been heard. In postings to the Dell Community site and to Dell Web Vertical Director Barton George’s blog, Dell has announced that as of today, the XPS-13 Developer Edition will be equipped with a “1080p” screen.

In this case, “1080p” means a 1920×1080p screen. The laptop’s US Dell store page doesn’t specify the panel type, though it does note that it features a brightness of 350 nits and almost a 180 degree viewing angle, so it’s almost certainly an IPS panel.

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